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Managers and organizations are confronted daily by enormous pressure, at the most diverse levels, with the need to improve business performance and to resolve issues that affect different functional departments or areas of the organization. Answering these questions requires adequate accounting assistance, duly professionalized and crossing the different sectors of the organization, namely those related to: people, processes, structure and technology.

PKF sees accounting assistance (in the broad sense of the term) not only from the perspective of a project leading to the preparation of activity reports and compliance with legal / tax and statutory obligations, but also as a valuable support to management in the creation of value .

Our outsourcing and management support department, methodologically prepared for corporate control on a regular basis of financial performance, prepares timely, structured reporting geared to risk control and conducting the business and measuring the reality of each Client.

Our services can be carried out at our facilities or at those of our customers, and can phase in workers from organizations in conditions of mutual agreement.

Our operating methodology is based on the concept of process accounting, involving technicians from PKF Portugal in the three phases that comprise it:

PHASE I: Basically corresponds to the survey, analysis and evaluation of the current situation, identifying the processes and systems used, technology adopted and the technicians involved.

PHASE II: Involves introducing the modifications / innovations necessary to be able to improve processes in terms of economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

PHASE III: Respects the passing, to our responsibility, of the processes to be developed in "outsourcing", including all aspects agreed with the client, based on the established "Service Level Agreement".

In view of the multidisciplinary nature of the work, we involve partners and other employees of PKF Portugal, who, evidencing a vast experience in projects, lead to the success of our clients, regarding:

  • Transfer of responsibilities
  • Elimination of employee training costs
  • Standardization of processes
  • Change management
  • Elimination of unexpected costs
  • Elimination of problems associated with low performance, absences and illnesses of employees
  • Possible elimination / reduction of fixed costs. Vg: personnel, buildings, equipment and systems
  • Existence of guarantees in cases of non-compliance
  • Cost control and stabilization

Areas of expertise:

  • Accounting
  • SNC Accounting
  • SNC-AP Accounting
  • IFRS Accounting
  • Budgetary accounting
  • Analytical accounting
  • Management information
  • Salary processing
  • Billing and collections

In conclusion, PKF, through an independent company, is able: (i) to develop, implement and manage any management accounting system, whether simple or complex, (ii) to develop fast and accurate financial models that allow a effective, financial and economic control of the business, (iii) to implement and monitor systems for monitoring and controlling assets, costs and income, making available when necessary a punctual controller and (iv) to develop specific plans of accounts (general and analytical accounting) ) prepared based on different accounting standards.