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Quality Policy

PKF provides its clients with specialized services in the areas of auditing, corporate finance, consulting, tax advice, business solutions, training, data protection, social responsibility, quality, environment and security.

We define strategic objectives of market positioning and sustained growth, which include growth at the commercial level, diversification of services, the establishment of strategic partnerships and the implementation of a management model based on the ISO 9001 normative reference to guarantee the effectiveness of the system of quality management, aiming to support our Customers, Employees and Stakeholders to achieve high standards of efficiency and innovation.

Our Quality Policy is based on the following fundamental principles:

  • Customer and Stakeholder Orientation – We provide high quality services in the various areas of activity in accordance with the expectations and needs of all interested parties.
  • Ethics – We act in a manner consistent with the rigor, independence, exemption and confidentiality of the services provided;
  • Professional competence - We use methodologies, techniques and tools in a pragmatic way, aligned with the market reality and with the specificity of each sector.
  • Innovation – We satisfy and exceed our customers' expectations, through the design and development of solutions that contribute to increasing their performance.
  • Satisfaction of requirements – We are committed to satisfying the applicable requirements, namely, those of the Quality Management System, those defined by the Clients and those established by law.
  • Image and Employee Satisfaction – We intend to create an environment of notoriety for PKF and guarantee our employees satisfaction, professional development and balance with their personal life.
  • Financial Results – Management and all Employees are committed to pursuing the defined objectives, in order to ensure PKF's financial solidity.
  • Improvement – We continuously promote the improvement of services, processes and the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and, for this purpose, we guarantee the permanent availability of necessary and adequate resources.
  • Risk-Based Management – We intend to organize, plan and implement actions to address risks and opportunities, in order to establish a basis to increase the effectiveness of the quality management system, obtain better results and prevent negative effects.